We offer the best sales, after sales, and support in the FTTH industry, and our value proposition is unmatched.

There is no catch, all our packages are uncapped, unshaped, month-to-month and paid for in advance so it’s completely risk free!

Web Connection doesn’t have any bandwidth restraints that require the limitation of bandwidth consumption, however we do prohibit any illegal activity like phishing, spamming, spoofing, hacking, hosting or distribution of child pornography etc.

Shaping is a term used for controlling the speed of your internet breakout based on what you are using the internet for.  Some ISP’s dynamically slow your internet down if you are using it for something they define as ‘abuse’.  Web Connection does not shape clients.

‘Throttling’ is the restriction of the internet breakout speed, some ISP’s ‘throttle’ services after they reach a prescribed data consumption limitation.  Web Connection does not throttle clients.


Click the “Get Started” button in our main navigation at the top of the site. Once there search your address on our map or choose the logo of your fibre network operator if you know who they are. Select your speed on the pricing page and select your addons. You will receive a confirmation mail from the system that your order has been received.

Your order gets accepted once we can confirm 100% that the fibre network operator has in fact installed and configured your line. We want to make sure that you do not get billed for our service for the duration of your installation with your fibre network operator. Our system will accept and process your order as soon as we know that the line is installed and configured!

It takes approximately 4-6 weeks for your fibre network operator to install your line and CPE/ONT box after they have completed the main street build in your area. Good stability takes time but once the installation is over and you are online, it would have been worth every second!

We know that the initial fibre installation has just made you even more excited so we en devour to get you live and online with in, maximum, 24-48 hours! Once your provider lets us know that you are ready for ISP activation your order will be accepted and your connection details will be created by our server. The details are sent to our technician to configure your router with and our agents will call you to organize delivery and installation!

We would never want you to be billed for a data service that you do not even have the use of yet! We would want to make sure that your fibre infrastructure has been installed and configured properly by your fibre network operator before we activate your internet service. That way we only start billing you from the day you actually got online!

Upgrades or dowgrades only take effect on the first day of a given month if notice was provided by you before the 25th of a given month.


No the Web Connection router will always remain Web Connection’s asset because there is no fixed term contract. However we will make sure that you always have a router for the duration of your service as a Web Connection client. You will not have to pay for a router to get started!

Either you are too far from the router or you may have interference from external signals. Upgrade your router by adding it your account OR request a WiFi extension site survey from your account.

You would need to set up a wireless AP (Access Point) in your home where you are experiencing difficulties. This will extend your signals reach across your property! Send us a support ticket request for WiFi extension and we will send our team of technicians to help you find the most economic and optimum solution to your WiFi needs!

If you are quite tech savvy you can log into your router and change the channel that your router transmits a signal on. This will help you separate your signal from others around you giving you a much better experience! Send us a support ticket if you are not sure how and we can assist you! If you live in a complex or flat block and you have a lot of other signals around you it is highly recommended that you upgrade to an advanced router with 5GHz dual band capabilities. This will ensure that you have a lot more channels to work with compared to the usual 13 channels on a 2.4GHz entry level router.

If you get a 100Mbps or 200Mpbs package we supply a Huawei advanced router for you to keep up with the high speed experience. If you get a 4Mbps-50Mbps service you will get a Netis router, for an entry level router it really is robust though so dont worry! Besides if you would like to just upgrade your router and stick with the a 4Mbps-50Mbps you can!


No, in this day and age modern ISP’s are no longer supplying free email addresses eg. bob@webconnection.co.za. The reason for this is that with cloud based email like gmail and the ability to purchase you own domain it is far better for a client to have a gmail which will work anywhere on any network or their own domain and domain email to gain control of their own SMTP. Another reason is that most people have had the same email address for years and would like to keep it.

Yes, When you cancel your internet service with your previous provider you can request that they keep your email active. This usually costs approximately R55 per month with your previous ISP.

You would need to enable “Outgoing mail server authentication” in your email program eg. Outlook, iMail etc OR you could just use our smtp by changing your smtp address in your mail program to smtp.webconnection.co.za (no Outgoing mail server authentication needed). If you get stuck send our technicians a support ticket so they can assist you.

Currently we can assist you with self hosted email. We are yet to release it as an advertised product but if you do feel in need of your own self hosted email address then send a request to our sales team.

You will have a lot more control over your email and SMTP. An email address such as bob@thesmithfamily.co.za or bob@hardwork.co.za is also way more professional than an ISP based email address or any other unofficial address.


Web Connection has invested a lot of money in a carrier grade voice routing engine, we deliver this value back to you in the form of a two channel telephone line included in your package.

This means that you can be on a call and still have a call waiting, alternatively you can have two phones connected each on their own calls concurrently.

All calls are billed per second from the first second at the following rates per minute (Inc. VAT):  local/regional/national 44 cents, MTN/Vodacom @ 76 cents, Cell C/Telkom Mobile @ 86 cents.

Yes Web Connection carries the Gigaset DECT range of SIP handsets. Click here to see what we stock!

Yes you can! We can port your 011 number over to us so you can use it on your VOIP phones. It is FREE of charge! Send our sales team a request to port your number and we will assist you with Telkom.


Yes we do and this ensures that every ticket opened is handled within pre-defined time frames.

Yes you can! Submit a support ticket directly from the client area using your computer or mobile phone! Click here to submit a support ticket to our technicians!

Simply add a sub contact to your account and your family member or partner will be able to submit support tickets when you are not at home. You can set permissions for your sub contacts to make sure they only see what you want them to see!

Click here to go to your services in the client area. Once there select your service and then click “Upgrade/Dowgrade Options” in the left sidebar. Select the package you would like to upgrade to. Our system will work out the difference and pro-rata amount for you. Click continue and place the order. Upgrades take place at midnight on the day that you upgrade.